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Home Selling Tips

1. Hire a great real estate salesperson!!! Of course, you will want to know that the salesperson will provide a lot of advertising for your home, do open houses, and provide you with a low commission rate, but there are other important factors to consider. Does this Realtor have a lot of experience selling homes in your area? Does she have an Internet presence? Do you feel that this Realtor will represent your home well? Is she easy to get along with? It is very seldom that a contract goes perfectly smoothly; therefore, there will be a lot of contact with your Realtor. You must feel very comfortable with her and be assured that she will look out for your best interests. Does she come across as poised and professional? A lot of what makes selling your home run smoothly is a Realtor who can easily communicate with attorneys and other real estate agents that are involved.
2. Clean house!!! Unless you are Mr./Mrs. Clean, your home is clean enough for living in, but before showing your home to prospective buyers, you should hire a housekeeper to do a thorough cleaning. The housekeeper will clean places you usually do not even notice, and then your house will sparkle! Don't forget to wipe down doors and walls, touching up with paint if needed. Also, wipe down the front entrance (outside and in). Keep everything uncluttered!
3. Move or remove furniture. The way you comfortably live in your home may not necessarily be the most advantageous way to showcase your home. To make sure it looks like your home is very spcious, you may need to remove some furtniture (store it), move it to a different room or spot, or simply rearrange it. Ask your Realtor for help with this, if you like. The flow of your home is important, and a good Realtor can help create a comfortable, roomy atmosphere.
4. Make sure your home smells nice—very important! Also, put fresh flowers around the house. This creates a happy feeling in the home. Remember, buying a home is a very emotional decision.
5. If possible, it is a good idea to have your home inspected before you put it on the market. That way you can fix anything that is not working and have peace of mind that your home is ready to sell.
6. Do have a sign on your property. You never know if neighbors know someone who is just dying to move into your neighborhood, and passersby may call in to the office to see your home.
7. Relax and let the Realtor do her job. And remember, please do not follow prospective buyers around the house. They will ask you if they have any questions and may feel funny about poking into closets and cabinets if you are looking.

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